Day 1 :) – The BFG and awkward eye contact

Today has actually surprised the hell out of me. I mean who have thought that me, a sad fourteen-year-old girl who has literally nothing better to do than to write a crap blog, actually went out and did stuff. I mean I did spend the first half of the day lazing around just trying to get my little brother to revise for his 11+ (I know I’m such a great older sister) and literally just complained about my stomach cramps. However literally just after I had my lunch my friends text me inviting me to go to the cinema with them and not so surprisingly I say yes. We went to go see the BFG in cinemas and I literally felt so awkward. The theatre was unsurprisingly filled with little kids and their parents who had been dragged there. We felt gaping eyes on us as soon as we entered. I mean it’s not can’t be that much of a surprise. I mean in my opinion my generation did grow up with Roald Dahl books I felt like I was watching finding dory again. What is it with young kids acting like thy have some sort of claim towards these movies? I mean watch it as many times you like, but stop judging me for it.

Wow did I just go on a rant about children watching movies specifically made for children okay moving on. Anyways after that AMAZING (seriously it was amazing) film we went out for dinner even though we all had popcorn and nachos during the movie. Yes, we’re pigs get over it. We decided to the classiest, cheekiest restaurant in possibly the world to fillour appetites. That’s right Nandos. I mean where else would you go after a two-hour movie. There was quite a queue, but once we got the food it was well worth the wait. Whilst we were all stuffing our faces with peri peri chicken I was just thinking to myself “God, I know a lot haven’t really gone your way the past couple of months, but can life really get any better”. That was just before a couple guys came in loud as ever and I thought it was just a couple of guys I mean they’re probably going to be really annoying, but what can you do really. They were coming towards our table and they sat down a couple of booths away. It was all fine until we realised that we actually knew them quite well and one of them used to date my friends, who was trying to hide behind a menu. Of course once they had realised it was us they just created a whole aura of awkwardness for us as they had no problem coming over to our table and creating a whole new awkward af dialogue.

Just to give a little background their group was extremely close ours until my friend broke up with that guy and then they thought it would be appropriate to call us names that were kind of insulting and offending and were bad mouthing us to many others. However, that was all in the past and they one of them let’s call him X decided to text my friends and because she refused to reply he texted me saying that he was really sorry which was really weird because it happened months ago and we talked more and more until he was subtly revealing that his friend was not over mine and that he’s basically been a wreck. So when they came over it was really awkward because I obviously had told her and he kept making these really weird advances towards. I mean were are like fourteen calm your pants. They’re food eventually came over and they left thank god. Unfortunately, when we all got home to our respective homes one of them added us on this group chat and they started texting really weird shit so most of my friends left it and I thought that was the end of it until X sent me a bunch of really weird text messages saying that he was sorry and I got really confused and then he sent me like a video of him like almost in tears saying sorry over and over and I’m really scared and perplexed like who does that. Anyways I’m really sorry this post was quite long I just had a lot of stupid shit to get off my chest. So I guess bye.

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