Day 2- Don’t text strangers

Okay I’ve realized i haven’t posted in ages, however there has been a lot going on that i wasn’t sure i should share to the world, but i have been given permission. So for those who have read my last post you may know that i got a very distressing video from my friend “X”. I was very confused and few day after that video was sent i got a call from him asking to meet up and so i did and he explained the whole thing to me. To give a little background on “X” i’ll say that he didn’t really have the best childhood. I know that 14 basically means that we are children, but his past wasn’t ideal. His father died when he was very young in his sleep and his mother fell ill with depression so they lived with their grandparents.

I know that was quite long, but it is quite relevant i guess. Back to what actually happened. He got a message from a unknown number claiming that he was an old friend of his dad and wanted to get to know him. Later on they agreed to meet up. Although we had been given thousands of lectures about internet safety and they had specifically told us not to meet up with strangers. However being the rebel (or idiot as i like to call it) he is, he thought it would be a good idea to meet u p with a stranger even though he didn’t really think of him as a stranger at the time. When they did eventually met the guy led him into an alley after getting fish and chips because it a shortcut. You guys can probably guess what happened next. He was beat up. Apparently his dad owed him like a crap load of money and didn’t pay up before he died. I feel like this should be turned into an action movie, but there has been like 6 million movies about gang violence already so maybe not. I know i should be joking around because this is quite a serious subject, but all my previous drafts just were way too emotional because if i am being completely honest i feel like a really bad friend. I am just trying to lighten it up a bit because i was surprised he told me to write this , because it is so personal. I know this page is called rants, raves and ramblings i haven’t really done any of those things, but i have a mini rant of the day.

My mini rant of the day

I’m very curious as to why men/boys are so afraid to cry. I mean its human and i do know that not all boys are stupid and some can admit to the fact that they cry, There are so many things to normalise in this world and i never would have thought boys crying would be one. Its such a normal thing i mean i know you’re lying if you say you haven’t cried during Marley and me. That movie was made to make you cry. Oh and by the way way Owen Wilson i know the dog was in pain, but you could have let it live a few more days okay. I wouldn’t have hurt. So i’m going to go and rewatch Marley and me and cry my arse off/ So i guess bye. Oh and by the way you guys should listen to Don’t by Bryson Tiller and Say it a cover by Sevyn Streeter. They’re both soo calming and relaxing. P.S i don’t really know what call it so i’m just going to call it something stupid. Its not clickbait.

2 thoughts on “Day 2- Don’t text strangers

  1. I think it’s less about not texting old people and more about being careful when meeting strangers. I’m sorry your friend is going through such difficulties but you are both still young and should remain hopeful that there are better days ahead as well as finding comfort in the beauty of each day. He’s really blessed to have a friend like you!

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    • Thanks i guess i should probably change the title. I don’t really know what i was thinking with that, but thank you for the support


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