Day 3- My Bucket List :)

Okay for the past year I’ve just been complaining about the present and the past so i thought why not focus on the future. Plus i’m kinda sick of complaining especially since they are all the most quintessential first world problems. Although technically all problems are third world problems since earth is the third planet orbiting the sun. Okay i’m just going to stop being such a smartarse and move on. I’ve had this list since i was 9 and i’ve just added things on really. The ones in green have been completed. I don’t really know how since i never go out. Anyhoo heres my list:

  1. Climb Mount Everest (cliche i know)
  2. Catch fireflies in a jar
  3. Sneak out my bedroom window
  4. Actually have a bedroom to myself
  5. Be an extra in a big budget movie
  6. Go on a boat with my friends
  7. Go to a house party
  8. Throw a house party
  9. Go on a road trip around Europe
  10. Work on the set for either Hollyoaks or Eastenders
  11. Crash a party without getting caught
  12. Go sky diving for charity
  13. Donate my hair
  14. Learn how to paint nails properly
  15. Fall in love
  16. Break a stupid law (I used my neighbours wifi sue me)
  17. Find a secret hideout in a secluded area for me and my friends 
  18. Go on a shopping spree
  19. Get a makeover
  20. Build a house in a foreign country 
  21. Become a human rights lawyer
  22. Get my nails and hair done professionally
  23. Have a sleepover at a friends house after prom
  24. Go to an after party
  25. Pass my GCSEs
  26. Pass my A-Levels
  27. Go to University
  28. Become a lifeguard at a pool (kinda)
  29. Kiss a french guy
  30. Have a kiss under mistletoe
  31. Bitch slap someone like they do in Bollywood dramas
  32. Let go of a floating lantern
  33. Cook souffle
  34. Cook souffle properly
  35. Grow old with the people i love
  36. Save someones life
  37. Write a book
  38. Get it published
  39. Write a secret blog (see what i did there)
  40. Kayak through caves
  41. Kiss someone in the snow
  42. Learn to drive
  43. Get another piercing on my ears
  44. Go to Glastonbury or T in the Park
  45. Break or set a word record
  46. Get my photo in the newspaper
  47. Dye my hair a crazy colour
  48. Go skiing
  49. Trend on twitter
  50. Help with the running of the Olympics or Paralympics
  51. Have a kiss at the end of a pier (it wasn’t at the end, but it counts)
  52. Go to a concert
  53. Play bingo with my friends when we’re old
  54. Have a photo shoot (it was on my friends laptop)
  55. Make a short stop motion film (2 minutes) 
  56. Wear matching outfits with my friends in public
  57. Hand write a letter and post it through a strangers letterbox
  58. Finish Stranger Things (waiting for season 2)
  59. Send a message in a bottle
  60. Go Camping

That’s about it. I’ve probably left out a lot of stuff and there is a long way to go until i finish the list, but for a fourteen year old who literally does nothing all day i’m very proud of myself. So i guess bye.

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