Day 5- School UGH :/

I know it seems like i’ve abandoned this blog, but i really haven’t. I’ve been drafting a lot of “serious” ( lets use that term very loosely) posts. So be prepared for a crapload of seriousness coming up. I’ve also been very busy with Year 10 and all the anxiety that comes with it. Oh yeah I got triple science and i’m so happy. I know this may seem like i’m over exaggerating, but for some stupid arse reason the government (or whoever) decided it would be a good idea to make science GCSE harder. Like it isn’t impossible already. My school, who refused to let this tarnish their reputation, thought it would be better for only 1/3 of the year to do triple science. Now this may seem easy, but we have 180 pupils in our year and since I go to a grammar school almost all of them have a higher IQ than Einstein. Anyways i’m just really happy I managed to slip through the cracks somehow.

On a different point I finally seem to be getting the hang of Latin. I mean i’m kinda decent at it and i actually answer question instead of freezing up and staring blankly at my teacher. I’ve also joined some extra-curricular clubs. I’ve made the swim team (Yeah!!). I somehow was persuaded to join debate club even though i hate debating infront of others (i prefer arguing in private), i’ve rejoined after school badminton (so i don’t relapse into my couch potato days) and i’ve become a Oxform Youth Ambassador. If i going to be completely honest i didn’t really know what that was at first i just wanted something on my personal statement at the end of the year, but it’s actually really interesting. Its all about taking action and raising our voices about the problem we face today…i think. This is the website if anyone is interested:

Although things in my academic life may be going well things just seem to be awkward with my friends. After  summer we never really hang out with each other outside of school. Even in school I barely have an subjects with them, which although does help me to create more friendships with other people, i feel as if we may be drifting apart. I really don’t want that to happen. I’ve known my “squad” since year 7 and we’ve stood by each other through a lot of stuff and i don’t want this to be our breaking point.

Wow that was sappy af anyways moving on hows life for you guys. Whats going on in your life? I recently watched Bridge to Terabithia again and it made my cry like hell  (When Leslie died tho). Its so weird seeing Josh Hutcherson as a little fetus before his days as Peeta in Hunger Games. On a completely different subject… I’ve always really been into my soaps, but now its a tradition for me and my sister to sit down at 7pm and watch Hollyoaks (Jade and Alfie are like my otp btw) on Channel 4 and Eastenders at 8 with our cups of tea. Its kind like a bonding session. Like most other sisters we don’t really get on unless we’re bitching about someone then we’re like a house  on fire. However she’s going to university next year and i don’t really know who to watch these soaps with after that, but at least i get her room lol. This is such a unorganized post and I probably won’t even edit it because it’s almost 11pm and i still have to do my maths homework. Stop judging me I work best under pressure and I leave things to last minute. So i guess bye :).

Day 4-Alicia Keys at the VMAs

School is literally starting tomorrow so why not write a blog post about something that happened about a week ago. However when i first heard about this i got really pissed off. I mean really pissed off. So pissed off that i kinda forgot to write a blog post about it oops. So for those who have been living under a rock and have no idea what i’m talking about about Alicia Keys showed up at the VMA makeup free. I know kill her. For the minority who don’t know i’m joking. I’m joking.

This is possibly the most laughable thing i have ever encountered. There were really stupid people (no offence) telling her that she need a bit of concealer. I have only one question for simpleminded people like that, Have you been diagnosed as blind today? Her skin looks so beautiful and is probably clearer than 90% of the worlds population, so calm down. As for those people who have been offended by this i also have a question for you. How trivial are you problems? You are literally getting offended by someone who chose not to wear make up. Its is not her fault that you feel insecure without makeup. Shes not telling everyone that unless you go makeup free every single day of your life you will never reach success. I understand that made up women do on average earn more money and are deemed more approachable than people who choose not to wear make up. This being said Alicia keys doesn’t need to wear make up because shes already made it.

Eventhough i am very passionate about my feelings towards this subject, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I may just be a little biased because i’m only fourteen and am in envy of those who can actually put make up on their face without looking like a hideous troll (me). Anyways i guess bye.