Day 7-So this this is a bit awkward

So guess what guys i’m a shitty person and haven’t uploaded in a while. I swear I start my blogs with those words so often it might as well be my intro. Also my last post was kinda depressing and i don’t want my blog to turn into a huge sob fest where people go to when they want to feel sad which is kinds weird now i think about it. Could you imagine doctors prescribing you depressing blogs when they think you’ve become too optimistic? Weirdddd. Anyways i might as well fill you in on my boring ass life. After summer i’ve literally been spending all my weekends inside with a duvet around me scrolling through tumblr. I’ve actually been sick for a month now and i think i’m dying guys.

I know this may seem a little dramatic, but i think i’m going to die alone. Most of my friends are in relationships (why at our age? idk). The most romance i’ve ever gotten was my first kiss and that was horrible. So in an effort for you guys to get to know me better I might just tell you about it. Will i regret it tomorrow probably, but I’ve had about 3 coffees and its 10 o’clock at night so i don’t give a damn. So here goes the story of how my lips made contact with another individuals.Dun. Dun. Dun. (basically every asian parents nightmare).

My first kiss

It was a rainy Tuesday morning when- you know what I can’t be asked let me break it down into bullet points:

  • My family and some family friends decided it would be a good idea to travel to Brighton and stay in a hotel for a few weeks (You know instead of actually going abroad because thats way too dangerous) in the summer of 2015.
  • Said family friends included a set of twins that were only a year older than me. A boy (who i literally never talked to) and a girl who was quite a good friend.
  • When we arrived in Brighton we went to our respecting hotel rooms and caused a huge disruption to everyone else staying in that hotel room cause we’re the loudest freaking family ever.
  • The next day our parents went shopping and all the children (other than my sister who was too old and cool to hang out with us) decided to go to beach and the pier.
  • We went to the pier where we went on all the rides, spent far too long in the arcade and posed for pictures.
  • Anyways my brother really wanted to go on the bumper cars again and seeing as i was on the verge of almost fainting after going on all the rides my friend went with him instead. Leaving me with alone the guy i barely spoke to. Yeah not fun.
  • He started talking to me about how we never talk (Great convo starter.. not) and wanted to know more about my personal life and i was just not in the mood and replied with one word answers which now i look back is really rude seeing as he was making an effort.
  • They were taking too long so we went in search of some food (cuz we’re little pigs) and he was telling me about how he and his friend decided to do this challenge where you have to kiss 50 girls over the summer (gross). It got a bit awkward and i got a better insight on who this guy actually was. However out of nowhere he kisses me and to say i got pissed off was kinda an understatement.
  • I just found out i was robbed of my first kiss with Chris Hemsworth in the french alps (dont judge me)  to a dick on the Brighton pier and it was for a challenge. I reacted how any self respecting classy woman would, shouting in his face and running back to the others whilst giving him the silent treatment and the evils for the rest of the trip.

So yeah that was quite a long description for what was only few seconds. Anyways now that you’ve had a look into my sad love life (not much to look at really). Please don’t tell me i’m not the only one who had a horrible first kiss experience. So i guess bye.

6 thoughts on “Day 7-So this this is a bit awkward

  1. Honestly, Alyssa I don’t know your age but I’m a teenager and I haven’t had my first kiss yet, I’ve never been interested in a boyfriend but that doesn’t make me be afraid of dying alone. I’m not telling you this to brag, but rather tell you there’s no point in you being afraid of dying alone; most of my friends are in relationships too but who are we kidding, they barely last. Furthermore, you’re a great writer, life is short and I think you’re being a little too hard on yourself. Why not find an activity, to do around your local area? If your first kiss wasn’t so great move on, there are so many people who had a great first kiss and have a terrible love life now.Please forgive me if any of what I said is hurtful, I’m simply aiming to help :-).
    Happy blogging!

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    • I’m 14 (almost 15) and tbh if it wasn’t for him i probably wouldn’t even been kissed ever. Thanks so much for the supportive message i love your blog too

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