Day 9- Regarding the election

As many may know Donald trump has just won the US presidential election and i just want to let any American minorities to know that they shouldn’t be afraid. The whole world stands with you and will not tolerate any sort of discrimination from him or his shitty running mate (Vice president now). Now i’m not going to pretend I was some sort of political expert throughout the election, so i’m sorry if i seem ignorant to your politics. It was only couple of months ago when I was freaking about the referendum, so i only really started caring near the end of the election.

As much as I hate Donald Trump, I just don’t see the point of protesting already. Everyone has a right to protest and voice their opinion, but he hasn’t even done anything yet. For all we know he might have just been say all that shit throughout the election to get the racists and homophobes vote (lets hope).  I’m not saying you have to support him, but has Abraham Lincoln famously said “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. The most you can do is try and salvage what hope you have left and try to a get a message across to Trump. I understand the anger, I felt the same when Britain left the EU. I knew my future would be greatly affected, but there was no point calling for another referendum. I know a lot of people were uninformed in their choice, but that doesn’t mean all of them were. It was the peoples choice and i know its was a almost a fifty/fifty vote, but it was between 1 million people and well thats just democracy. Its not fair at all, but all we can do is try and make it work so that our whole country doesn’t collapse. I really didn’t mean to offend anyone, but this was just my personal opinion. However i’ll just leave you with this video:

5 thoughts on “Day 9- Regarding the election

  1. I’m going to quote my closest friend here, and I might be paraphrasing-Ahem- “FUCK TRUMP, HE’S A DICKHEAD!” . Truly, words to live by.

    But seriously I don’t think Trump will actually do anything to the American people. If he does, as you said, the world will be on him. But Trump in politically inadept and is far from the best president America could have.

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    • Exactly i actually find unbelievable that a guy that has zero political experience and is shit businessman (he bankrupted a casino i mean c”mon) became president.


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