Day 17-New Years Resolutions

Its that time of year again when people across the globe scribble down their goals that they delude themselves into think that they can achieve throughout the course of the next year, because the earth has completed another orbit around the sun. Or maybe its just me. Anyways here are my resolutions for the coming year of 2017, hopefully a lot better than 2016:

  1. Get more fit/healthy- I have realised a huge flaw in all my previous resolutions because losing weight won’t help me in any way. I’m already a healthy weight, but what i have realised is that i am very unfit.I literally get tired walking down the stairs. Other than my swimming and running for the bus i don’t do alot if exercise especially in school holidays when I do little to none. So for 2017 my friends and i are joining a gym in order to stop being lazy couch potatoes and do our physical section for DofE.
  2. Write more posts- I started this blog because i was bored during the summer holidays because i was bored and it was something to pass the time, but over the last couple of months it grown into something so much more important to me. It is probably one of the only things in my life that i can control completely so i really want to improve and get better. That being said i also need to find a way balance my school life, swimming and my social life with this so i’m not quite sure really
  3. Revise for tests at least 2 weeks prior- For some stupid arse reason i tend to only study for tests literally the day before and i still get upset when i don’t do well. I used to be that person that was naturally smart and picked things up really quickly, but things have changed and i refused to adapt to that, but i really need to start doing so or at this rate i’ll fail my GCSEs.
  4. Take some time out of the week to focus on my well being- Whether it be physical or mental, but i’ve realised that i don’t really take care of my body. Sitting around with junk food watching movies and getting less than 2 hours sleep isn’t very good for you and does affect your mood quite significantly.
  5. Improve my social life- I joke quite a lot about never going out on this blog, but thats not necessarily a joke. I do go out, but i flake on my friends so often i know thats annoying them. If someone invites me to a party i get really anxious about being around people i don’t know that well. I know thats not going to help me when i’m older and have to make new friends, so i really do have to go out more.
  6. Stop drinking excessive coffee/energy drinks- During 2016 i made the switch from my daily milky brew to around 6 black coffee a day and i’m really feeling the affects. I don’t really drink milk anymore which doesn’t really help my teeth and bones. Coffee and Emerge (a really cheap energy drink in my corner shop) are the only things that help me function and without it causes an extreme lack of sleep, which as you may have guessed is not very good for me.
  7. Fight any injustices I see- The past couple of months in 2016 have been filled with injustices, but thats not dues to 2016, its the people to performed these things. They only did thiese things because they were allowed to and not enough people challenged their bigoted views. I’m not going to lie to you and say i’m some sort of tough free-spirited girl because tbh i’m really timid and shy and hate confortation. Things have to change and if that means altering my personality so be it.

I know that not many, but those were the most important on my list and the ones I want to focus on most. Happy new year guys hopefully 2017 won’t be as shit as 2016 (crossing my fingers). So yeah i guess bye :).

Day 16- Boxing Day Blues

got the bluesssssss, Boxing Day Blues! Happy Boxing day everyone, i hope you all have had a great Christmas because mine was surprisingly amazing. I’m currently sitting on my sofa trying to figure out how my family managed to pull off a half decent Christmas. Unfortunately i was unable to watch any Christmas specials other than Eastenders which was amazing btw, so i am trying to cram in as much specials as i can in one day. I also watched the least festive movies yesterday, unless you categorize The Lion king and Bridget Jones Baby as festive or even remotely christmassy (is that a word?).

However i somehow have managed to be home alone with only my sister who studying like crazy for her A-Levels to keep me company on Boxing Day. My cousins left in the morning, both my parents are at work and my brother is cycling around our local park trying burn off all he ate yesterday and i’m here watching the call the midwife Christmas special. Its also my friends birthday so i’ll probably just drop off some plum cake (inside joke) at his house, before his mum gets back from the Boxing day sales (i feel like she hates me??).

I’m also a bit hungover because my dad thought it would be great to let me and my cousins have a little alcohol (why you ask, i don’t know. He was probably drunk himself), but somehow a little turned into a lot and lets just say a lot of regrettable snapchats were sent . Turns out i’m an emotional giddy drunk as i was laughing hysterically interrupting inexpiable sobs. So yeah if anyone has a cure for a stabbing migraine, please comment them.

Christmas in my household isn’t the most organised its a tradition for my family to be unorganized and yesterday was no exception. We had unexpected guests that stayed the day and not enough food to feed all of us. We had midnight mass the night of Christmas and so we only woke up at 9:00 and because i already opened the presents my friends gave beforehand i stuck with unwrapping 2 separate Lynx gift sets from 2 separate families.  After that the women stated making the food and the men watched TV, drank beer and talked about politics. I know it sounds sexist, but thats literally what happens. The only job my dad was given in that whole day was setting the Christmas pudding on fire. My and my cousin were in charge of  the vegetable which unsurprisingly we messed up. the parsnips were all different sizes so some were overcooked and others were under cooked, but all in all it was okay. I mean The house wasn’t set on fire this time so i would call it a successful Christmas. I guess everyone needed a good Christmas after what a shit year its been. Lets hope its onwards and upwards for 2017.

So i know this wasn’t too long a blog post and i’ll probably add more to it later, but for now i just have to sit around finishing the mince pies that literally no-one ate. i can kinda see why my family call me a vacuum cleaner, i could literally live off other peoples leftovers. So yeah i guess bye :).

Day 15- Just a little update

I’m really sorry i haven’t updated i a while and i’m really surprised that i’ve only written one post on Christmas, seeing as it is my favourite time of the year. However a lot has happened in my life since my last post and i didn’t really have the time or emotional stability to write and i know thats really not an excuse, but i probably will be posting more…or less?? I don’t really know at the moment, it depends whether i can actually face up to my problems and try and o something about it or i can distract myself with this blog. Probably the latter, knowing me. So yeah i guess bye :).