Day 21 – So i turned fifteen

Okay so i was initially going to do a whole post about what I’ve done during my break and what I’ve learned from said experience, but it was really boring and i wasn’t in the mood so here i am. During this so called break one of the biggest things that happened was the celebration of my fifteenth year on this world.


My birthday was a couple weeks back and i was going to post on that day, but to be honest i wasn’t ready and i do have to admit a unpopular opinion that I’ve been harbouring for my whole life. I hate celebrating my birthday. I honestly just prefer Christmas, you get to eat a shit ton and no-one sits there sing the same monotonous song. I’m not just saying that so i can be the edgy one that just says “birthdays, more like one year closer to death” and though thats true thats not the exact reason as to why i have such a loathing for this day.

I don’t think of the fifteen years I’ve been alive, i’ve ever had a decent birthday. The day usually consists of my standing around a small cake that my parents bought last minute on the way back from work that has happy birthday allistar scribbled on it lazily in blue icing (not complaining tho, cake is cake), whilst my family sing the infamous song out of tune and clap their hands with no sense of rhythm. They all then just do their own business after handing me card with a fiver in it. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, its all i’ve known. However as you get older tell that story to my friends progresses from cute to just plain sad. Birthday parties have never sat well with me. As a kid my parents would never let me have a party, purely based on the fact that we couldn’t afford it. I’d feel bad for asking for one after a while, because i knew that they worked their arses off just trying to pay our rent. The more happy meals consumed at friends McDonald’s birthday parties, the bigger my hatred for birthdays grew.

Since i was thrust from mothers coin purse during the lovely season of winter, i have had the absolute pleasure of celebrating my birthday with a blanket wrapped around my body and deflecting the endless Rudolph jokes whilst rushing off every two seconds to get a new pack of tissues. This does mean if i do invite people round we just sit around eat pizza and cake with only Benedict Cumberbatch and Zac Efron to keep us company. So that what i did instead of just drinking cheap cider and watching the boys get some brain damage at the park, i thought i’d just invite my close friends over after school and just chill. We just sat on a park bench eating the fish and chips we got from the chippy and resided home to get fat on pizza and drool  over the fit guy in the year above’s instagram.

So that was the tale of a basic brown girl’s 15th birthday and although she may have enjoyed that day, her deep hatred for birthdays in general still lies inside her and probably will never change sooo yeah i guess bye.