Day 23- i’m going camping… kinda


I know the last post was really serious, but i was really emotional and i know it had to be addressed. For anyone wondering, both my parents are fine and are coincidentally both working today and to be honest i really proud of them for that. I know i wouldn’t never go back, but there’ll a lot stronger than me so yeah.

On a lighter note i should let you know that i’m going camping kinda. I’m participating in camp nanowrimo, which i’ve seen plenty of other bloggers talk about and i’ve decided that this april i would join in. To be honest i’m just doing this because my friends is currently writing a fanfiction about my friendship group and its actually amazing. I’m currently the main villian (i prefer anti-hero) in the second “book” with my crush as the villian/anti hero i fall in love with. In the book i’ve been told i die so soon, so i thought i would re-write my story, but instead i’m a conflicted hero that doesn’t die, but i haven’t told any of them about this, because its my first ever proper novel and i kinda don’t want anyone i know in real life knowing about it.

I began kinda writing it in early march (which is cheating i know), without a plan at all and just wrote it in the characters pronouns and know that i’m reading it back i hate it. So today i just did a very basic outline with a character analysis and even made pinterest boards to inspire me and have just been in my room for the most of the day writing shit down. I have an essay due on monday and 3 tests next week, but you know fuck it i’ve really enjoyed delving myself in this universe. I guess in update you if i can about this story, but next month will be really hectic so yeah i guess bye.


Day 22- #prayforlondon

If any of you have been following the news these past couple hours then you’ll know that there was an attack in central London today. The Metropolitan Police are currently dealing with this as a terrorist attack. As many of you may know, i live in London. I have my whole life, this is my home and i love it to bits. Being the capital its obvious that people will target the place, but this really caught me off guard. Both my parents work at St Thomas Hospital, the closest hospital to parliament, as nurses and are currently trying to deal with emergency as best as they can. Me and my sister have been trying to get in contact with them, but have ultimately failed as we know they will be really busy. we’re currently staying at my aunties trying to get updates. nothing seems to be working.

All we currently know is that :

  • At least four people died — including one police officer and the attacker — and at least 20 were injured in a Westminster attack on Wednesday afternoon that police are investigating as potential terrorism.
  • The attack began when a vehicle driving over Westminster Bridge rammed into several pedestrians. The injured included three police officers returning from a commendation ceremony.
  • After the vehicle crashed into railings at the Palace of Westminster, a man armed with a knife continued the attack.
  • The officer who was stabbed before the attacker was shot by armed police was not immediately unidentified. A government minister administered CPR, but the officer ultimately died.
  • Politicians recalled crawling on their hands and knees to escape the attack.
  • Prime Minister Theresa May called it a direct attack on British democracy.

#prayforlondon has already started trending on twitter, but what disgusts me is that instead of paying their respects to the policeman who gave his life to try and save the British people and direct victims of this attack, people have decided to focus on religion. I mean don’t bother to think about the people who have affected by this and are mourning for their family members, but instead exploit this tragedy to push your agenda why don’t you. Its is in times like these we should be standing as a united front, not segregating certain groups of people and blaming them.

This is probably the first time this situation has hit me, with me and my family being so close to the attack it really puts things in perspective. Instead of just tweeting a hashtag (which raises awareness) there are many ways a person could help in this crisis:

    • Show your appreciation for our AMAZING emergency services by making a donation. Text SAVE to 70800 to donate £5 to London’s Air Ambulance, who were quickly on the scene.
    • It’s reported that members of the public gave first aid to those who were injured whilst waiting for the emergency services. Consider a donation to St John Ambulance who provides training in first aid. Text AID to 70030 to donate £5.
    • Don’t for the love of god retweet pictures of the dead and wounded people. They’re people too and deserve not to be used to get likes. They also have loved ones waiting home for news.
    • Tower RNLI was deployed to save a woman who had fallen into the Thames and who is among the injured. Support their work with a donation. Text RNLI to 70300 to donate £5.

My heart goes out to all the people affected by this and i hope that we can all stand together in this time of tragedy and despair. So yeah i guess bye.

I also suggest you check out this article. I honestly couldn’t have put it better my self.