Day 23- i’m going camping… kinda


I know the last post was really serious, but i was really emotional and i know it had to be addressed. For anyone wondering, both my parents are fine and are coincidentally both working today and to be honest i really proud of them for that. I know i wouldn’t never go back, but there’ll a lot stronger than me so yeah.

On a lighter note i should let you know that i’m going camping kinda. I’m participating in camp nanowrimo, which i’ve seen plenty of other bloggers talk about and i’ve decided that this april i would join in. To be honest i’m just doing this because my friends is currently writing a fanfiction about my friendship group and its actually amazing. I’m currently the main villian (i prefer anti-hero) in the second “book” with my crush as the villian/anti hero i fall in love with. In the book i’ve been told i die so soon, so i thought i would re-write my story, but instead i’m a conflicted hero that doesn’t die, but i haven’t told any of them about this, because its my first ever proper novel and i kinda don’t want anyone i know in real life knowing about it.

I began kinda writing it in early march (which is cheating i know), without a plan at all and just wrote it in the characters pronouns and know that i’m reading it back i hate it. So today i just did a very basic outline with a character analysis and even made pinterest boards to inspire me and have just been in my room for the most of the day writing shit down. I have an essay due on monday and 3 tests next week, but you know fuck it i’ve really enjoyed delving myself in this universe. I guess in update you if i can about this story, but next month will be really hectic so yeah i guess bye.

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