Day 26- 3 and 1/2 day weekend shenanigans

For all those who live outside the uk, people who live up and down the great nation (nothing wrong with a little patriotism) experienced a 3 day nation weekend. After feeling the effects of the catastrophe of British politics (huh about patriotism…), i feel as though all of us deserved this. However i did almost nothing, but its fine here i am (neglecting my macbeth essay) to relate 3 days of nothingness to all of you lovely people.


Friday was our schools founders day where we follow the traditions of the past 310 years (yeah my school’s old) and remember the founders of our school. We had a late start and after a long arse assembly with singing, listening to talented arse people play classical music and almost dying of boredom, we got a half day and got to go home. Well not exactly cause most people just go into town with their friends and like the sheep i am, i followed suit. Instead of just going to chippy with my small close group of friends, about half our form went to a buffet for a girls birthday and it was actually really fun. I mean free unlimited food how could it not be fun. After an awkward encounter with a friends ex we all went to the birthday girls house with full stomachs, had a few drinks and eventually went home.


As i tweeted, i literally did nothing productive that day. I woke up that day determined to start prepping for my end of years and try and cut down the endless essays i have due (curse you humanity subjects). After an extremely healthy and balanced breakfast of pancakes with golden syrup and a bowl of multi grain shapes (love me some double breakfast) washed down with two  glasses of orange juice. I did a couple essays and sat down at my desk for approximately 3 seconds before i got and did a lap of the house so i could distract myself. I went on social media, watched some drama unfold on the groupchat and drowned myself in my sorrows. I had made sure i didn’t go into town because i told my bosses i was sick which is quite monumental as it is my first faking a sick day ever soo. I then invited Harriet and Maia over to my house, because i had a huge english essay due on the day we go back and i left my folder and annotated macbeth copy in my locker (cheers for Alyssa, an intellectual). We basically spent the rest of the day lounging about smothered in cushions and all 3 of us on my tiny little sofa watching corny ass horror movies, chatting to old men (webcam off don’t worry) on omegle and livestreaming our ugly faces on Instagram. I also hit a new low. Harriet wanted to binge on fish and chips and since there was one literally 3 mins away next to the corner shop i decided not to get changed and go out in my pajamas showing off my bare face and literally woke up like this hair. Unfortunately i din’t think of the chavs that loiter about about outside the chippy. Since i live in this neighbourhood i’m actually friends with most people who society has decided to label chav. However these were the not-so-rare 10 years olds on bikes trying to act hard with their primary school girlfriends. Now i have a dark green tartan pajama bottoms and had to endure their jeers resisting the urge to push them off there stallions and watch them struggle to get up. After that traumatic experience, we went home, got fat on fish and chips and slept on the sofa (they both left around midnight, but live quite close so it’s fine)


Sunday was like any other lazy sunday for me. I woke up around 7 and got ready for church. I decided not to look like a complete slob today and i straightened my the curly ass mop i call my hair and tucked in my t-shirt into my jeans. I got a bit emotional because its was friends little brother’s first holy communion and its just so weird watching him grow up so quickly (i know have a mindset of my nan i know). After i couple weird looks i met up with maia and ava and went swimming. It was then Alyssa realised that she fucked up. It wasn’t until after i had got changed that i realised i had just straightened my hair and was too poor to buy a swim cap. I was originally not going to swim and just watch the others form the sidelines, but since we were doing this for a our DofE physical section and my advisor cam on this one specific day and i kinda just gave up and was like fuck i aint impressing anyone. After 2 hours of swimming about i dried my hair and watched it return to its natural state, but with a lot of added frizz. We then went to subway and got 3 cookies for a £1, not a spon (i wish) but just and amazing deal. Yeah i had 3 huge cookies full of sugar and all things bad for you right after 2 hours of exercise. yes i realise how bad thats sounds now. Yes i still remember how amazing those cookies were. whats your point? We then walked around our local park (more like a field) for about 2 hours, went home and basically did what we did yesterday just without harriet.


Literally did nothing. No honestly i didn;t go outside once, just locked myself in my room, did a coupe essays, revised and stalked loads of my friends on instagram and basically just thought about how my life’s going (spoiler: not great) and i know there’ll be people who will just call me out on bs because saturday and sunday seemed fun and you know what it was fun, since 2017 started it was one of the only times that  i actually felt happy. The friend that i mentioned beforehand is having an actual house party for her birthday and i will probably just the same old fucking routine. Put on something tight to impress the boys, drinks loads or your a prude and a buzzkill and a killing headache at school the next day, which means you probably wont be able to focus in class and then you’ll fail you fucking exams. Yay what a life and as much as i just want to snap myself out of this pointless cycle i just can’t. Apparently if you want friends and want to be like in this generation then thats what you need to do. I’m not going to lie when i’m actually living in that moment its really fun. I can’t remember much from nights like the one thats going to come, but i remember laughing with my friends. thats honestly about it. I know that this was supposed to be a fucking jolly and happy blog and a lot of people reading especially those older will lose a lot of respect for me, but i really needed to get this out and i guess it kinda helps. I’ve been trying to tell myself that this a blog for me and myself. yeah i don’t know i guess i should just go and do all the things i just described, because its not like any one cares. Whilst my parents are off working so fucking hard, because you don’t get bank holidays when you work for the NHS, just trying to make sure that we don’t can pay our rent and don’t end up homeless, i guess i’ll just continue being a drain on the society. Its not like anyone cares anyway. So yeah now that i read this aloud i realise how much of a fucking emo i am. I guess i should go and fuck up my life further. So i yeah i guess bye;


3 thoughts on “Day 26- 3 and 1/2 day weekend shenanigans

  1. I have an awesome friend who’s an emo, embrace your emo way of thinking. I hope you’re ok though, I noticed how your tone changed throughout the post, and I just wanted to check on you💞
    I’m a fellow UK citizen, so I had the bank holiday as well. 3 day weekends are awesome, I say they make it a thing😂I actually made a post similar to this and posted it yesterday, great minds think alike?😉😂

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    • Thanks for checking and i’m not going to lie to you and saw i’m alright, but its just something i need to work on. But yeah it is really weird that we both did the same topic though i’m pretty sure yours was way more entertaining

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ok, well I wish you all the luck in doing so! And yeah, it is kinda weird. Noo don’t say that! I could say that my Sunday was interesting, but the rest was me rambling really😂

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