Hi, i’m just like any other bored teenager, but unlike others who would actually do something productive with their time, I’ve decided to start a blog because why the hell not. This site is probably just going to be used for me to broadcast a few rants i have to the world, because what else would a fourteen fifteen-year-old girl who’s bored out her wits be doing. If you actually wanted to know something about the sad girl on the other side of the computer screen then you are in luck. I like dogs :). Just kidding. My name is Alyssa, i’m 14 15 and as you might have guessed i love to rant, rave, and ramble. I live in an undiscovered part of London (Zone 7 bitches) and i’m hellbent on becoming a better swimmer than Michael Phelps. Okay, maybe not hellbent because i’m 110% sure it won’t happen, but hey a girl can dream right? The smell of freshly cut grass makes me gag, which is unfortunate as i may or may  not have a slight (huge) crush on my schools hot gardener. Well that’s about it. I don’t really have any other talents unless you count pissing people off and touching my nose with my tongue. Cause if you do you’ve come to the right blog.