2b25d0541cb785b54167973dc58e1ac0I know this is a song lyric, but i guess it counts. I grew up with my dad blasting Pink Floyd everyday when he first moved to England. He loved them and because i heard it so often i grew to become sick of it. Except for Breathe, I always connected to that song because it was so different.  It always encouraged me to go out and try new things and not care what other though because it was my life not theirs. It also taught me to stop being so shy and actually do stuff without worrying about what others would think. I realise now that the song was about something completely different, but it always hold a special place in my heart.

Now because i love this challenge soo much and i don’t want to restrict to a few people (and i cant be asked to choose people) i nominate whoever the hell wants to do this. Have fun guys and so i guess bye :).

Day 9- Regarding the election

As many may know Donald trump has just won the US presidential election and i just want to let any American minorities to know that they shouldn’t be afraid. The whole world stands with you and will not tolerate any sort of discrimination from him or his shitty running mate (Vice president now). Now i’m not going to pretend I was some sort of political expert throughout the election, so i’m sorry if i seem ignorant to your politics. It was only couple of months ago when I was freaking about the referendum, so i only really started caring near the end of the election.

As much as I hate Donald Trump, I just don’t see the point of protesting already. Everyone has a right to protest and voice their opinion, but he hasn’t even done anything yet. For all we know he might have just been say all that shit throughout the election to get the racists and homophobes vote (lets hope).  I’m not saying you have to support him, but has Abraham Lincoln famously said “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. The most you can do is try and salvage what hope you have left and try to a get a message across to Trump. I understand the anger, I felt the same when Britain left the EU. I knew my future would be greatly affected, but there was no point calling for another referendum. I know a lot of people were uninformed in their choice, but that doesn’t mean all of them were. It was the peoples choice and i know its was a almost a fifty/fifty vote, but it was between 1 million people and well thats just democracy. Its not fair at all, but all we can do is try and make it work so that our whole country doesn’t collapse. I really didn’t mean to offend anyone, but this was just my personal opinion. However i’ll just leave you with this video:

Day 8- The Sunshine Blogger Award :)

‘So i guess what i reached two blogging milestones today: I gained 50 followers ( I really don’t know how) and I’ve been nominated for my first award. I want to thank Zoe for nominating me.  I’m also really ill and look like the ghost of a very bitter librarian (that was specific), so this has really cheered me up.


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer eleven questions sent by the nominee
  • Nominate eleven new blogs
  • Write eleven new questions
  • List the rules

My Questions

What is the one thing that you want to do in life, no matter what?  It may seem stupid, but i really want go go on a road trip with my friends and do that kicking the leaning tower of Pisa photo.

If you could fly, where would be the first place you go to?

I would go to the pub my grandad owned in his thirties. Although its been sold to someone else I really want to see it even if it is in Ireland (don’t ask).

Which Hogwarts house would you want to be, irrelevant of whether you have been sorted on Pottermore?

Well I’ve been sorted into Gryffindor ( i’m the Neville), but i’m pretty sure i’m a Hufflepuff. Their so mellow and are good finders, which is extremely true as i’m always finding stuff down the bottom of the sofa.

If you had the choice now, would you like a younger sister or brother?

Well i already have a younger brother and he’s annoying af, but i really want a younger sister so i could pass on my wisdom to her and then my dad would get even more pissed off with 3 daughters.

Would you rather have long hair or long finger nails (my nails grow really fast and my hair doesn’t which is really annoying)?

I recently chopped of my hair into a lob (long bob) and i miss my long hair so much. You can only do so much with short hair and I hate growing out my nails for some reason.

Square or circle?

Circles. Squares are boring ( no offense to you square people). Guess i’ll have to be there than risk being square..

How do you like your eggs (poached/fried/scrambled/boiled)?

Now if i was a fuckboi i would say fertilised, but i’m not so i guess i like the whites scrambled or half boiled with soldiers.

What your favourite feature of yourself?

Idk my lips i guess they’re the only thing on my face that looks half decent plus they kinda  look like Kylie Jenners post lip injections (not really) so yeah.

Which book turned film is your favourite?

I remember reading a second wind  when i was very young, eventhough it was  french i really loved it and a couple years ago i discovered there was a film inspired by it called the intouchables and honestly it is one of my favourite films ever. It still makes me cry like  little baby to this day.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Harry Potter soz. I really like the hobbit book tho.

Would you rather be a millionaire and be unhappy or be poor but incredibly happy?

Well i depends how poor, but if i was a millionaire i could just enroll in a happiness course or buy a puppy cause anyone who has a puppy is never truly unhappy.


Your Questions

  1. Whats your most embarrassing memory?
  2. Coffee or Tea?
  3. What would you do if you could be invisible for one whole day?
  4. Do you have an annoying catchphrase?
  5. What is your biggest regret in life so far?
  6. What television show do you plan your day around in order to see it live? (Don’t lie i know you all have one)
  7. If your life was a movie, which actor would play you?
  8. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?
  9. If you inherited or won a million pounds, what would you do with it?
  10. Of all your pet-peeves, which is the weirdest?
  11. What’s your favorite joke? (the cheesier the better)

Good luck and I guess bye.

Day 7-So this this is a bit awkward

So guess what guys i’m a shitty person and haven’t uploaded in a while. I swear I start my blogs with those words so often it might as well be my intro. Also my last post was kinda depressing and i don’t want my blog to turn into a huge sob fest where people go to when they want to feel sad which is kinds weird now i think about it. Could you imagine doctors prescribing you depressing blogs when they think you’ve become too optimistic? Weirdddd. Anyways i might as well fill you in on my boring ass life. After summer i’ve literally been spending all my weekends inside with a duvet around me scrolling through tumblr. I’ve actually been sick for a month now and i think i’m dying guys.

I know this may seem a little dramatic, but i think i’m going to die alone. Most of my friends are in relationships (why at our age? idk). The most romance i’ve ever gotten was my first kiss and that was horrible. So in an effort for you guys to get to know me better I might just tell you about it. Will i regret it tomorrow probably, but I’ve had about 3 coffees and its 10 o’clock at night so i don’t give a damn. So here goes the story of how my lips made contact with another individuals.Dun. Dun. Dun. (basically every asian parents nightmare).

My first kiss

It was a rainy Tuesday morning when- you know what I can’t be asked let me break it down into bullet points:

  • My family and some family friends decided it would be a good idea to travel to Brighton and stay in a hotel for a few weeks (You know instead of actually going abroad because thats way too dangerous) in the summer of 2015.
  • Said family friends included a set of twins that were only a year older than me. A boy (who i literally never talked to) and a girl who was quite a good friend.
  • When we arrived in Brighton we went to our respecting hotel rooms and caused a huge disruption to everyone else staying in that hotel room cause we’re the loudest freaking family ever.
  • The next day our parents went shopping and all the children (other than my sister who was too old and cool to hang out with us) decided to go to beach and the pier.
  • We went to the pier where we went on all the rides, spent far too long in the arcade and posed for pictures.
  • Anyways my brother really wanted to go on the bumper cars again and seeing as i was on the verge of almost fainting after going on all the rides my friend went with him instead. Leaving me with alone the guy i barely spoke to. Yeah not fun.
  • He started talking to me about how we never talk (Great convo starter.. not) and wanted to know more about my personal life and i was just not in the mood and replied with one word answers which now i look back is really rude seeing as he was making an effort.
  • They were taking too long so we went in search of some food (cuz we’re little pigs) and he was telling me about how he and his friend decided to do this challenge where you have to kiss 50 girls over the summer (gross). It got a bit awkward and i got a better insight on who this guy actually was. However out of nowhere he kisses me and to say i got pissed off was kinda an understatement.
  • I just found out i was robbed of my first kiss with Chris Hemsworth in the french alps (dont judge me)  to a dick on the Brighton pier and it was for a challenge. I reacted how any self respecting classy woman would, shouting in his face and running back to the others whilst giving him the silent treatment and the evils for the rest of the trip.

So yeah that was quite a long description for what was only few seconds. Anyways now that you’ve had a look into my sad love life (not much to look at really). Please don’t tell me i’m not the only one who had a horrible first kiss experience. So i guess bye.

Day 6 :/

Okay so i just received some really upsetting news and i’m just honestly sick of using up my toilet paper crying in the bathroom, so i’m just trying to distract myself from it. I’ve realized that this page has been more like an online diary as opposed to a rant page. Even though the whole blog is called Rants, Raves and mother freaking Rambles. My heads just all over the place right now, so don’t expect this post to be edited and oragnised. I just love writing drafts that is basically a diary entry about the day I just had. I seem to have a habit of writing posts at night. I’ve just had my 2nd cup of coffee in the past 2 hours and i just don’t know anymore. This is saying a lot because coffee is basically my Kryptonite, but today it seemed like the nectar of the Gods. I’ve also been listening to a lot of mellow music to basically calm me down and de stress me and this is my faves in case anyone wants to wind down:

  • Billie Jean- EDEN (It’s a cover)
  • 500 miles-Sleeping at last (also a cover of another iconic song)
  • Invitation- Yellowclaw
  • Northern Wind- City and Colours
  • Golden – Ruth B

I don’t know there’s a lot more i just really don’t know anymore. This is such a sappy post which is a bit ironic since I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, which I will post someday. Is it weird that I kinda feel like a writer. I’m in my Christmas pyjamas  with the laptop drinking my 3rd cup of coffee. I just made another one and i know i should stop, but none of my parents are home right now so there’s not really anyone to stop me. I really don’t know what i’m going to do when I move out. Do you ever just feel like you stick out? Because of this news I’ve just placed all mt concentration on everything i said today and what others have said to me. Okay so if you’ve read my other post you’d know that i attend a Grammar School and although i love the people there i’ve realised that i really stick out and not in a good way. I’m not rich (unlike most people there). We were basically discussing our houses (idek how we got there). Basically just to put it out there I don’t come from a great neighbourhood. There are a lot of “chavs” (i don’t really like using that word) and the crime rate is really high. Arson attacks and stabbings are really common in our area (our neighbour got robbed twice). I know that that’s not that common, but i’ve just gotten used to it now. My friends however  reacted telling me how they would move out of there as soon as they could. This just kinda put this in perspective. I mean we’re not poor or anything, but they literally live in million dollar houses and it just seemed like they were boasting and i just really felt uncomfortable. I’m probably just overreacting, but bad news just piled up today and i just seem to be focusing on stupid shit and i need to cleanse myself.

I feel like going to confession tomorrow, which is really weird because i’m not religious like at all (unlike my parents), but i just have an urge to go to confession. This may been like the 6 billionth time i’ve said this today, but i really don’t know whats going on in my life. WOW this has been a really boring post and i wouldn’t be surprised if i don’t get view on this, but i really needed to write this i guess. I also really need to do my textiles homework so i guess bye.


Day 5- School UGH :/

I know it seems like i’ve abandoned this blog, but i really haven’t. I’ve been drafting a lot of “serious” ( lets use that term very loosely) posts. So be prepared for a crapload of seriousness coming up. I’ve also been very busy with Year 10 and all the anxiety that comes with it. Oh yeah I got triple science and i’m so happy. I know this may seem like i’m over exaggerating, but for some stupid arse reason the government (or whoever) decided it would be a good idea to make science GCSE harder. Like it isn’t impossible already. My school, who refused to let this tarnish their reputation, thought it would be better for only 1/3 of the year to do triple science. Now this may seem easy, but we have 180 pupils in our year and since I go to a grammar school almost all of them have a higher IQ than Einstein. Anyways i’m just really happy I managed to slip through the cracks somehow.

On a different point I finally seem to be getting the hang of Latin. I mean i’m kinda decent at it and i actually answer question instead of freezing up and staring blankly at my teacher. I’ve also joined some extra-curricular clubs. I’ve made the swim team (Yeah!!). I somehow was persuaded to join debate club even though i hate debating infront of others (i prefer arguing in private), i’ve rejoined after school badminton (so i don’t relapse into my couch potato days) and i’ve become a Oxform Youth Ambassador. If i going to be completely honest i didn’t really know what that was at first i just wanted something on my personal statement at the end of the year, but it’s actually really interesting. Its all about taking action and raising our voices about the problem we face today…i think. This is the website if anyone is interested:

Although things in my academic life may be going well things just seem to be awkward with my friends. After  summer we never really hang out with each other outside of school. Even in school I barely have an subjects with them, which although does help me to create more friendships with other people, i feel as if we may be drifting apart. I really don’t want that to happen. I’ve known my “squad” since year 7 and we’ve stood by each other through a lot of stuff and i don’t want this to be our breaking point.

Wow that was sappy af anyways moving on hows life for you guys. Whats going on in your life? I recently watched Bridge to Terabithia again and it made my cry like hell  (When Leslie died tho). Its so weird seeing Josh Hutcherson as a little fetus before his days as Peeta in Hunger Games. On a completely different subject… I’ve always really been into my soaps, but now its a tradition for me and my sister to sit down at 7pm and watch Hollyoaks (Jade and Alfie are like my otp btw) on Channel 4 and Eastenders at 8 with our cups of tea. Its kind like a bonding session. Like most other sisters we don’t really get on unless we’re bitching about someone then we’re like a house  on fire. However she’s going to university next year and i don’t really know who to watch these soaps with after that, but at least i get her room lol. This is such a unorganized post and I probably won’t even edit it because it’s almost 11pm and i still have to do my maths homework. Stop judging me I work best under pressure and I leave things to last minute. So i guess bye :).

Day 4-Alicia Keys at the VMAs

School is literally starting tomorrow so why not write a blog post about something that happened about a week ago. However when i first heard about this i got really pissed off. I mean really pissed off. So pissed off that i kinda forgot to write a blog post about it oops. So for those who have been living under a rock and have no idea what i’m talking about about Alicia Keys showed up at the VMA makeup free. I know kill her. For the minority who don’t know i’m joking. I’m joking.

This is possibly the most laughable thing i have ever encountered. There were really stupid people (no offence) telling her that she need a bit of concealer. I have only one question for simpleminded people like that, Have you been diagnosed as blind today? Her skin looks so beautiful and is probably clearer than 90% of the worlds population, so calm down. As for those people who have been offended by this i also have a question for you. How trivial are you problems? You are literally getting offended by someone who chose not to wear make up. Its is not her fault that you feel insecure without makeup. Shes not telling everyone that unless you go makeup free every single day of your life you will never reach success. I understand that made up women do on average earn more money and are deemed more approachable than people who choose not to wear make up. This being said Alicia keys doesn’t need to wear make up because shes already made it.

Eventhough i am very passionate about my feelings towards this subject, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I may just be a little biased because i’m only fourteen and am in envy of those who can actually put make up on their face without looking like a hideous troll (me). Anyways i guess bye.

Day 3- My Bucket List :)

Okay for the past year I’ve just been complaining about the present and the past so i thought why not focus on the future. Plus i’m kinda sick of complaining especially since they are all the most quintessential first world problems. Although technically all problems are third world problems since earth is the third planet orbiting the sun. Okay i’m just going to stop being such a smartarse and move on. I’ve had this list since i was 9 and i’ve just added things on really. The ones in green have been completed. I don’t really know how since i never go out. Anyhoo heres my list:

  1. Climb Mount Everest (cliche i know)
  2. Catch fireflies in a jar
  3. Sneak out my bedroom window
  4. Actually have a bedroom to myself
  5. Be an extra in a big budget movie
  6. Go on a boat with my friends
  7. Go to a house party
  8. Throw a house party
  9. Go on a road trip around Europe
  10. Work on the set for either Hollyoaks or Eastenders
  11. Crash a party without getting caught
  12. Go sky diving for charity
  13. Donate my hair
  14. Learn how to paint nails properly
  15. Fall in love
  16. Break a stupid law (I used my neighbours wifi sue me)
  17. Find a secret hideout in a secluded area for me and my friends 
  18. Go on a shopping spree
  19. Get a makeover
  20. Build a house in a foreign country 
  21. Become a human rights lawyer
  22. Get my nails and hair done professionally
  23. Have a sleepover at a friends house after prom
  24. Go to an after party
  25. Pass my GCSEs
  26. Pass my A-Levels
  27. Go to University
  28. Become a lifeguard at a pool (kinda)
  29. Kiss a french guy
  30. Have a kiss under mistletoe
  31. Bitch slap someone like they do in Bollywood dramas
  32. Let go of a floating lantern
  33. Cook souffle
  34. Cook souffle properly
  35. Grow old with the people i love
  36. Save someones life
  37. Write a book
  38. Get it published
  39. Write a secret blog (see what i did there)
  40. Kayak through caves
  41. Kiss someone in the snow
  42. Learn to drive
  43. Get another piercing on my ears
  44. Go to Glastonbury or T in the Park
  45. Break or set a word record
  46. Get my photo in the newspaper
  47. Dye my hair a crazy colour
  48. Go skiing
  49. Trend on twitter
  50. Help with the running of the Olympics or Paralympics
  51. Have a kiss at the end of a pier (it wasn’t at the end, but it counts)
  52. Go to a concert
  53. Play bingo with my friends when we’re old
  54. Have a photo shoot (it was on my friends laptop)
  55. Make a short stop motion film (2 minutes) 
  56. Wear matching outfits with my friends in public
  57. Hand write a letter and post it through a strangers letterbox
  58. Finish Stranger Things (waiting for season 2)
  59. Send a message in a bottle
  60. Go Camping

That’s about it. I’ve probably left out a lot of stuff and there is a long way to go until i finish the list, but for a fourteen year old who literally does nothing all day i’m very proud of myself. So i guess bye.

Day 2- Don’t text strangers

Okay I’ve realized i haven’t posted in ages, however there has been a lot going on that i wasn’t sure i should share to the world, but i have been given permission. So for those who have read my last post you may know that i got a very distressing video from my friend “X”. I was very confused and few day after that video was sent i got a call from him asking to meet up and so i did and he explained the whole thing to me. To give a little background on “X” i’ll say that he didn’t really have the best childhood. I know that 14 basically means that we are children, but his past wasn’t ideal. His father died when he was very young in his sleep and his mother fell ill with depression so they lived with their grandparents.

I know that was quite long, but it is quite relevant i guess. Back to what actually happened. He got a message from a unknown number claiming that he was an old friend of his dad and wanted to get to know him. Later on they agreed to meet up. Although we had been given thousands of lectures about internet safety and they had specifically told us not to meet up with strangers. However being the rebel (or idiot as i like to call it) he is, he thought it would be a good idea to meet u p with a stranger even though he didn’t really think of him as a stranger at the time. When they did eventually met the guy led him into an alley after getting fish and chips because it a shortcut. You guys can probably guess what happened next. He was beat up. Apparently his dad owed him like a crap load of money and didn’t pay up before he died. I feel like this should be turned into an action movie, but there has been like 6 million movies about gang violence already so maybe not. I know i should be joking around because this is quite a serious subject, but all my previous drafts just were way too emotional because if i am being completely honest i feel like a really bad friend. I am just trying to lighten it up a bit because i was surprised he told me to write this , because it is so personal. I know this page is called rants, raves and ramblings i haven’t really done any of those things, but i have a mini rant of the day.

My mini rant of the day

I’m very curious as to why men/boys are so afraid to cry. I mean its human and i do know that not all boys are stupid and some can admit to the fact that they cry, There are so many things to normalise in this world and i never would have thought boys crying would be one. Its such a normal thing i mean i know you’re lying if you say you haven’t cried during Marley and me. That movie was made to make you cry. Oh and by the way way Owen Wilson i know the dog was in pain, but you could have let it live a few more days okay. I wouldn’t have hurt. So i’m going to go and rewatch Marley and me and cry my arse off/ So i guess bye. Oh and by the way you guys should listen to Don’t by Bryson Tiller and Say it a cover by Sevyn Streeter. They’re both soo calming and relaxing. P.S i don’t really know what call it so i’m just going to call it something stupid. Its not clickbait.

Day 1 :) – The BFG and awkward eye contact

Today has actually surprised the hell out of me. I mean who have thought that me, a sad fourteen-year-old girl who has literally nothing better to do than to write a crap blog, actually went out and did stuff. I mean I did spend the first half of the day lazing around just trying to get my little brother to revise for his 11+ (I know I’m such a great older sister) and literally just complained about my stomach cramps. However literally just after I had my lunch my friends text me inviting me to go to the cinema with them and not so surprisingly I say yes. We went to go see the BFG in cinemas and I literally felt so awkward. The theatre was unsurprisingly filled with little kids and their parents who had been dragged there. We felt gaping eyes on us as soon as we entered. I mean it’s not can’t be that much of a surprise. I mean in my opinion my generation did grow up with Roald Dahl books I felt like I was watching finding dory again. What is it with young kids acting like thy have some sort of claim towards these movies? I mean watch it as many times you like, but stop judging me for it.

Wow did I just go on a rant about children watching movies specifically made for children okay moving on. Anyways after that AMAZING (seriously it was amazing) film we went out for dinner even though we all had popcorn and nachos during the movie. Yes, we’re pigs get over it. We decided to the classiest, cheekiest restaurant in possibly the world to fillour appetites. That’s right Nandos. I mean where else would you go after a two-hour movie. There was quite a queue, but once we got the food it was well worth the wait. Whilst we were all stuffing our faces with peri peri chicken I was just thinking to myself “God, I know a lot haven’t really gone your way the past couple of months, but can life really get any better”. That was just before a couple guys came in loud as ever and I thought it was just a couple of guys I mean they’re probably going to be really annoying, but what can you do really. They were coming towards our table and they sat down a couple of booths away. It was all fine until we realised that we actually knew them quite well and one of them used to date my friends, who was trying to hide behind a menu. Of course once they had realised it was us they just created a whole aura of awkwardness for us as they had no problem coming over to our table and creating a whole new awkward af dialogue.

Just to give a little background their group was extremely close ours until my friend broke up with that guy and then they thought it would be appropriate to call us names that were kind of insulting and offending and were bad mouthing us to many others. However, that was all in the past and they one of them let’s call him X decided to text my friends and because she refused to reply he texted me saying that he was really sorry which was really weird because it happened months ago and we talked more and more until he was subtly revealing that his friend was not over mine and that he’s basically been a wreck. So when they came over it was really awkward because I obviously had told her and he kept making these really weird advances towards. I mean were are like fourteen calm your pants. They’re food eventually came over and they left thank god. Unfortunately, when we all got home to our respective homes one of them added us on this group chat and they started texting really weird shit so most of my friends left it and I thought that was the end of it until X sent me a bunch of really weird text messages saying that he was sorry and I got really confused and then he sent me like a video of him like almost in tears saying sorry over and over and I’m really scared and perplexed like who does that. Anyways I’m really sorry this post was quite long I just had a lot of stupid shit to get off my chest. So I guess bye.